Why Canadians love ghostwriting…and why they make the best ghostwriters

Canadians make the best ghostwriters, and they have a few extra reasons to love the benefits of ghostwriting.

Ghostwriting can be a very rewarding career. If you know how to organize ideas and how to use words to express them, you could be a ghostwriter.

If you are Canadian, there are a few extra reasons why you might want to be a ghostwriter. Let’s look at those, but first let’s look at the reasons why anybody might want to be a ghostwriter.

the benefits of being a Canadian ghostwriter

The benefits of ghostwriting…for anybody

Ghostwriting is fulfilling work.

Ghostwriters are highly-skilled people. Not only do they have to write well, but they have to be able to cover a variety of topics and write in a number of different voices and styles, often in a number of genres. The word “flexible” come to mind.

This makes ghostwriting a challenging career. And challenging careers are often the most fulfilling.

Ghostwriters have flexible schedules.

But flexibility works two ways for ghostwriters. As much as they need to be able to adapt to the project, they can also make their schedule adapt to their lifestyle.

For most ghostwriters, there is no 9 to 5. They work when it suits them. They choose the time of day when they are at their most creative or most efficient. Apart from occasional tight deadlines, they have a lot of flexibility.

Ghostwriting pays immediately.

Most writers dream of making it onto the New York Times Best Seller list. But in the meantime, they have to eat.

Ghostwriting pays immediately. There is no waiting for agents to review, and reject their manuscripts. There is no waiting for publishers to get around to accepting their manuscript. There is no praying that the publisher will actually promote the book or that a big-name reviewer will love it.

Ghostwriting is usually work-for-hire. You do the work, you get paid. Ghostwriters actually get to eat. And a good ghostwriter usually eats pretty well.

So there are three income-related benefits of being a ghostwriter:

  • the amount of pay
  • the certainty of being paid
  • the immediacy of the payment

Ghostwriters just write. They don’t have to market.

Unlike authors, ghostwriters don’t have to market the book. Not to agents. Not to publishers. Not to book stores. Not to the public.

If you really love to write, ghostwriting might be for you. No marketing, just writing.

A ghostwriter can be an introvert.

Marketing is not just a hassle for somebody who loves to write. It can also be a hassle for an introvert who doesn’t want to have their face and name splashed all over the place.

An added benefit, is that you’ll never find yourself in public having to defend something controversial that you write.

The benefits of ghostwriting…especially for Canadians

Believe it or not, Canadians have even more reasons to take up ghostwriting than people from most other places in the world.

Canadians know multiple Englishes.

Canadian English is a hybrid of UK and US English. Furthermore, very little is written in Canadian English, relative to the volumes of writing coming fro the US ad the UK. In other words, Canadians typically read US and UK English.

This makes Canadians able to effortlessly write for a bigger market. In fact, Canadian writers can switch fluidly between US, UK and Canadian English. That’s quite a competitive advantage.

Canadian winters are long and cold.

What do Canadian winters have to do with ghostwriting? If you are Canadian, you have probably been in your fair share of weather-related car crashes and near misses on icy roads and through zero-visibility freezing rain. In fact, it’s a miracle that most of us are still alive.

Ghostwriting is normally done remotely. On those c-c-c-cold days with icy roads, ghostwriters are snug in the warmth of their homes. That might be motivation enough to take up ghostwriting.

Canadians are easy to work with.

You might have heard that Canadians are nicer than many other nations. There is debate on this point, but there is no question that Canadians tend to be very polite and overall easy to work with. That’s another competitive advantage, and it also makes them good ghostwriters.

A ghostwriter is, by definition, a collaborator. One has to be able to work well with others to be a good ghostwriter.

Canadians make the best ghostwriters

There are many reasons why a Canadian who can organize thoughts and write about them would want to be a ghostwriter. And many of these reasons actually make Canadians better ghostwriters.

If you are Canadian, consider a career in ghostwriting. If you are thinking of hiring a ghostwriter, definitely ask us for help from one of our Canadian ghostwriters.

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  1. Peter Vogel says

    Hmm… can’t leave a comment on the MeWe post about this. Not sure why. Interesting piece but no indication as to how to go about becoming a ghostwriter.

  2. Gurru says says

    Hey, I wanted to know are ghost writers also involved in edits suggested by publishers?

    • David Leonhardt says

      Yes, indeed. In fact, we often edit finished manuscripts to take them to the next level.

  3. That’s true that Ghostwriting pays immediately.

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