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Hi. I am David Leonhardt, and this is The Happy Guy Marketing. Our talented marketing team is ready to help you promote your business through content marketing. We’ll create and/or distribute articles according to your needs.

We offer you a selection of Canadian, American and overseas writers and promoters. We put together the right team for your project.

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This used to be called “article marketing”, but now we are creating and promoting so much more than just articles. Whether your target market is Canadian, American or international, our writers and promoters will create and/or distribute:

  • blog posts
  • guest blog posts
  • social media articles
  • blog outreach
  • sharable images and Infographics

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Five reasons you should do content marketing

  • Quality content builds a strong reputation.
  • Your target market pays attention to what you have to say.
  • The Internet is about content. You need content for marketing.
  • The better your content, the more it will be shared on social media.
  • Google rewards websites whose content is high quality, relevant and appeals to your readers.

Why do content marketing

Five reasons to hire us for your article marketing

  • We write original content, and we write it well.
  • We are good at promoting your content on social media.
  • We are nimble, bringing the right people together for your project.
  • We understand the kind of content that gets shared on social media.
  • We’ve been around a long time. We know the Internet and we know SEO.

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Five reasons to hire a Canadian content marketer

  • We want to help fellow Canadians like you.
  • You can pay for your campaign in Canadian dollars.
  • Context is everything. We understand the Canadian business environment. Sometimes that matters.
  • We write Canadian English for Canadian audiences. But we also write US and UK English to reach bigger markets.
  • We have Canadian writers and promoters. But we also have Americans and others on our extended team, and we make prudent and strategic use of their services.

Five things to tell your article writer

  • Tell your article writer what audience you want to reach.
  • Tell your article writer about your image and your branding.
  • Tell your article writer what information you want your audience to see.
  • Tell your article writer how you would like readers or viewers to follow up.
  • Tell your article writer about the keywords you want your website to rank for.

Five tips to work with an article ghostwriter

  • Make sure to pay on time.
  • Provide all your information up front.
  • Provide feedback if something needs changing.
  • Give your article writer a sample of your writing style to emulate.
  • Provide as much original research (proprietary data, case studies, first-hand examples, etc.) as possible.

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Lack of time is the most common reason people like you ask us to create their content. We can save you time and create your content, starting today. Please fill in and send us the form on this page to get your free quote right away.

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