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Hi. My name is David Leonhardt in Ontario. I run THGM Writing Services with a dedicated team of professional ghostwriters at your service. We’ll deliver the screenplay or script you want on time and on budget.

We have Canadian ghostwriters and American ghostwriters on our team. We assign the writer who best matches your needs.

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Whether your audience is in Canada, in the United States or on another continent, our ghostwriters will give your story life. We can write your:

  • screenplay
  • video script
  • movie script
  • TV series script
  • stage play script
  • animated film script

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Hey Kristen, What more can I say…You hit it on the nose of what I was thinking. Thank you. And the 36 pages…All I can say is you write what I am thinking and I’m still blown away. I’m so glad I went with you and THGM. Thank you for fulfilling my vision on my screenplay. You see what I want to be seen to others. Thanks.


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Five reasons to hire a screenplay ghostwriter

  • Hire a ghostwriter to start sooner and finish quicker.
  • Hire a ghostwriter to format your screenplay properly.
  • Hire a ghostwriter to structure your screenplay properly.
  • Hire a ghostwriter to ensure the plot moves at the right pace.
  • Hire a ghostwriter for a better quality manuscript, with a better chance of selling.

Five reasons to hire our screenplay writers

  • Our team is ready to start now.
  • Our writers treat you like royalty.
  • You get personal service and custom work.
  • Guess why we’re called “The Happy Guy” Marketing?
  • Our ghostwriters are among the top quality writers in Canada and North America.

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Five reasons to hire a professional screenwriter

  • You’re not on your own writing your script. You have professional help.
  • If something isn’t working, we can step in to help (that rarely happens).
  • If something bad happens to your screenwriter, another writer can jump in.
  • Our standard contracts protect your copyright and ensure the work gets done.
  • We’ve approved each of our writers. They can’t change the rules part-way-through your project.

Five reasons to hire a Canadian script writer

  • We Canadians are friendly.
  • Entertainment is in our blood.
  • We know Canada…but we also know the USA, the biggest film market.
  • Geography doesn’t matter. We assign the writer best able to deliver a superb script.
  • We can spell in both US and UK English (and in Canadian English, of course). New York, London or Toronto, your script will be ready for the stage or screen.

What your screenplay needs

Five things your screenplay needs to be successful

  • A strong plot – this is a story, after all.
  • Strong characters – including at least one protagonist and one antagonist.
  • Intriguing locations – places that take viewers on a trip.
  • A problem – something that seems almost impossible to overcome.
  • A mystery – something to keep people anticipating or wondering.

Five tips to work with a movie ghostwriter

  • Pay on time to keep the work flowing.
  • Use “track changes” to give the script writer feedback.
  • Be friendly. Canadian ghostwriters are friendly, and so are our American writers.
  • Give as much detail as possible. The screenplay will be based on the information you provide.
  • Give feedback as quickly as possible. The screenplay will be seamless if the interruptions in writing are minimal.

Five steps to writing a screenplay

  1. Logline – summary of the idea, no more than a sentence or two
  2. Treatment – a synopsis of the movie or play
  3. Outline – a step by step structure of the script
  4. Draft – this is what we write for you
  5. Edit – we also edit the script before signing off on it

5 steps to write a screenplay

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Five things you should know about ghostwriter contracts

  • The single most important part of the ghostwriter contract is assigning you copyright.
  • Also important is the price you will pay, as well as any extras you might decide at a later point to include.
  • Your payment schedule is also important.
  • A ghostwriter contract sets the number of words, as well as the length of time it should take if you provide timely feedback along the way.
  • A ghostwriter contract spells out any other special requirements you might request.

Five ways you can pay for ghostwriting services

  • Pay for writing up-front. We ask clients to pay this way for small projects, such as a script for an animated short film or a mini documentary.
  • Pay in three instalments. We ask clients to pay this way for large projects, such as a feature length screenplay.
  • Pay in multiple instalments. This is how cash-strapped clients pay for large projects. We don’t turn anybody away based on cash flow. We simply make the work flow follow the cash flow.
  • Pay by sending us a certified cheque or money order, or by PayPal.
  • For Canadian clients only: pay by email Interac, in $1,000 increments.

Five steps to find a screenwriter

  • The best way to find a screenplay writer is to complete and send us the form on this page.
  • Tell us about your project, so we can assign the right writer to discuss it further with you .
  • Let us know about any sensitive or controversial aspects (adult, violence, politics, religion, etc.) before we assign a writer.
  • Discuss the project with the assigned ghostwriter. You need to be comfortable with the writing she will do and with how the two of you will work together.
  • Sign the contract. Congratulations, you have found a screenplay ghostwriter.
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