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Hi. My name is David Leonhardt, and this is The Happy Guy Marketing. Our talented marketing team is ready to help you promote your small business website. We’ll put together a plan that works for you.

We offer you a team of Canadian, American and overseas coders, writers and promoters. We put together the right people to make your campaign succeed.

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We used to do SEO full time. Now, we work more holistically with a variety of symbiotic approaches:

  • SEO
  • social media
  • content marketing

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Five critical aspects of marketing you have to define

  • Who your target market is
  • What your target market needs
  • What motivates your target market to shop
  • Where your target market looks for your product or service
  • What image you want to project to your target market.

Website marketing tips

Five reasons to hire us for your website marketing

  • We’ve been around a long time. We’ve been doing SEO as long as “SEO” has been a thing and social media as long as it’s been around.
  • We use technical people to do the technical work, and creative people to do the creative work.
  • Our top skill is writing quality content. That’s what distinguishes your website and your brand the most from your competitors.
  • We understand promotion, which is also critical for search engine rankings. Promotion also relies on top quality content.
  • We work exclusively with small businesses like yours who don’t need an enterprise solution.

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Five reasons to hire a Canadian website marketing team

  • You can pay for your campaign in Canadian dollars.
  • We understand both Canadian business and the global Internet environment.
  • We want to help fellow Canadian small businesses like yours succeed.
  • A Canadian promotional service can find local advantages that others sometimes can’t.
  • We have Canadian writers and promoters. But we also have Americans and others on our extended team, and we make prudent and strategic use of their services.

Five things to tell your website marketing team

  • Tell your us about your budget.
  • Tell your us who your ideal customer is.
  • Tell your us about your image and your branding.
  • Tell your us what products or services you want most to promote.
  • Tell your about the customer journey once they reach your website.

Five tips to work with an website promotion team

  • Make sure to pay on time.
  • Long-term success takes time. Be patient.
  • Provide input when a content creator needs it. Quality original content is your competitive advantage.
  • Approve a plan of action, but be flexible. Sometimes the SEO and social media landscapes change fast, and we might find unanticipated opportunities for you.
  • Provide as much original research (proprietary data, case studies, customer comments and experiences, etc.) as possible. This collateral forms the foundation of the best content marketing.

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Lack of expertise is the most common reason people like you ask us to help promote their websites. We assemble a nimble team just right for what you need. Please fill in and send us the yellow form on this page
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