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Our team of professional writers and editors can write your book, article blog post or report in plain English. Your readers will “get” your message. Your audience will act on your message. When you improve your readability, your documents will be more effective. Our plain language editors can help

A plain language editor bridges the difference between “can” and “will”. Even if somebody “can” read your message, that does not mean they “will.” Studies show that even doctors and lawyers prefer to read below the grade 8 reading level. If you want to reach your audience, if you want to have maximum impact, you must use plain language.

Hire a plain language editor

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Here are four plain language services for you:

  • plain language edit
  • plain language readability review
  • plain language re-write of your text
  • plain language writing from scratch

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We would like to say we think you did a wonderful job editing our new website. The content flows really well and reads a lot smoother and sounds more professional now.


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How to increase readability

Five ways we make your document easier to read

  • Bullet lists
  • Simpler words
  • Shorter words
  • Shorter sentences
  • More sub-headings

Five more ways we make your document even easier to read

  • Shorter paragraphs
  • More common words
  • Simpler sentence structure
  • Replace adverbs with verbs
  • Replace adjectives with nouns

Five reasons to you need a plain language writer or editor

  • Rushed readers often miss details.
  • “Scanners” gloss over complex text.
  • Readers are more likely to take action.
  • Busy readers have a short attention span.
  • Many readers will stop reading part-way through

Why you need a plain language edit

Five reasons to hire our plain language editors

  • Our plain language editors treat you like royalty.
  • Our plain language editors are skilled – they know their English.
  • We care about good communications. We’ll put our heart into your document.
  • Our plain language editors are merciless – they’ll give your text a complete overhaul.
  • We are called The Happy Guy Marketing. Our specialty is pleasing people like you.

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Five reasons to hire a writing agency

  • All our editors and writers are proven and safe.
  • You get a pro to help you. You are not an isolated writer.
  • We are a full team. We have a choice of editors and writers for you.
  • We let the writer or editor do her job…but we are ready to step in if needed.
  • If your editor or writer gets sick or has a family emergency, we can send back-up.

Five reasons to hire a Canadian writing agency

  • We know Canadian English.
  • We also know US and UK English.
  • We are typically nice and polite Canadians.
  • Like you, we are hard-working and conscientious.
  • We have Canadian editors and writers…but we also have Americans, if you need them.

Five tips to work with our plain language experts

  • Tell us your word count.
  • Review the edits that we send in “track changes”.
  • Pay for the plain language review, edit or rewrite.
  • Accept whichever edits you want; reject whichever edits you don’t.
  • Let us know about any technical terms you need preserved for legal reasons.

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Awesome! Thanks for the rewrite, its perfect.


5 stars – 1 reviews

Five things you should know about the cost of plain language editing and writing

We don’t compete on price. We compete on quality. We charge what it takes to give you top quality.

  • The longer the manuscript, the more it costs to write or edit.
  • Editing and writing are labor intensive jobs. They cost money.
  • Plain language will save you more money or make you more money than it costs.
  • Ours team is just as good as celebrity writers, but you don’t pay extra for their celebrity status.
  • There are cheaper writing services on the Internet. But if price is your top consideration, why even hire an editor?

We’ll make you more profitable!

The top two reason people ask us to edit their documents are:

  • They want more people to read their materials and follow through on their call to action. They want to stop losing sales.
  • They want customers to understand their materials better, because misunderstandings and confusion cost them too much money.

Once we have finished with your manuscript, your writing will be better. It will be clearer. It will be easier to read. It will be a bridge to action, rather than a barrier to sales.

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