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Hi. My name is David Leonhardt, and I run The Happy Guy Marketing. Yes, we can set up your website. We do the writing and work with a team of designers and programmers to create a website that will attract customers and sell your products or services. We’ll deliver your pages on time and on budget.

We have Canadian writers and American writers on our team, as well as programmers and graphic designers (and translators). We work exclusively with small businesses.

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When we are through your small business website will have:

  • fast loading
  • easy for you to make small edits
  • optimized for both mobile and desktop viewing
  • SEO-optimized for better search engine rankings
  • compelling content that informs and persuades visitors
  • visually attractive, designed to position your brand in the market
  • includes options that you wish, such as
    • blog
    • slide show
    • multilingual
    • contact form
    • shopping cart

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Five reasons to hire a professional website team

  • Hire a website team for faster service
  • Hire a website team for one-stop shopping
  • Hire a website team to get your business online
  • Hire a website team so that details don’t get missed
  • Hire a website team to better coordinate all the elements

Five reasons to hire our website team

  • Our web writers are talented – they write good English.
  • Our fiction writers treat you, the entrepreneur, with respect.
  • We write from scratch, based on your direction – there is absolutely no plagiarism here.
  • Our name is The Happy Guy Marketing. We specialize in making website owners like you happy.
  • We listen to your needs, and we are flexible to fill them. Let us know what you need and we will make sure that your website gets it.

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Five reasons to hire a freelance web design team

  • We keep track of progress, so you don’t have to.
  • We are not alone. If a one of our team falls ill, we have back-up.
  • Everybody has been verified. We know each person is trustworthy.
  • The loose nature of our team allows us to put the most appropriate people in place.
  • You don’t have to do this yourself. You have professional to help build your website.

Five reasons to hire a Canadian website writing agency

  • Canadians are nice. You’ll like working with us.
  • We write Canadian English for a Canadian audience.
  • As Canadians, we are used to working in more than one language.
  • our team comes from around the world; we are not bound by geography.
  • You can pay in Canadian dollars.

Five types of websites that often don’t invest effort enough in their content

  1. Industrial
  2. eCommerce
  3. Financial services
  4. Business to business
  5. Consultants and solopreneurs

Bonus: once your website is up, we can help you promote it.

Five tips to work with a website design team

  • Provide a list of pages you want.
  • Tell us about all the functions you want.
  • Explain the goals of the website in as much detail as possible.
  • Explain your target market. Give as much information as possible.
  • If you have offline sales and marketing, give us all you’ve got. The online customer experience should mirror the offline experience.

Five top tips for a successful website

  • Make it easy to use.
  • Make it easy to read.
  • Make sure it loads fast.
  • Make it easy for clients to contact you.
  • Make sure the images match the brand.

Website design and planning tips

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Let’s start programming!

The most common reason people ask for our help is because they find the web design and programming process overwhelming. We got this for you. Just fill in the form on this page, providing as much detail as possible. We’ll give you a free quote as quickly as possible.

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