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Bonjour. My name is David Leonhardt, and this is THGM Writing Services. Our talented team of French language translators are ready to prepare your materials to reach francophone Canadians and Europeans. We’ll translate your documents quickly and accurately.

We’ll provide your finished translation in the tone and style you want to use. We want you to reach your goals.

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Whether your target audience is Canadian or international, our translators will make sure your translation is appropriate for the audience you are trying to reach. We can translate :

  • blogs
  • books
  • reports
  • websites
  • newsletters
  • marketing materials
  • almost anything!

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Five reasons you should hire a French Canadian translator

  • Hire an English-French translator to reach the other quarter of Canadians.
  • Hire an English-French translator to avoid looking silly to the other quarter of Canadians.
  • Hire an English-French translator to avoid insulting the other quarter of Canadians.
  • Hire an English-French translator to expand to Europe.
  • Hire an English-French translator for a more global presence.

Five reasons to hire our French translators

  • We are fast and accurate .
  • We don’t translate by machine.
  • Our French translators know their French.
  • We’ll translate for good French and for the audience you are trying to reach.
  • We can also translate into Spanish and German (and other languages) for you.

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Five reasons to hire a Canadian translator

  • You can pay for your translation in Canadian dollars.
  • Context is everything. We understand the Canadian business environment.
  • We can also “localize” your text, translating both the words and the cultural references.
  • Canadian French and European French are not the same. We can do both, but we specialize in Canadian French.
  • Canadians are a pleasure to work with. How can we help you?

What to tell your translator

Five things to tell your English to French translator

  • Tell your translator who your audience is.
  • Tell your translator where your audience is.
  • Give your translator a lexicon of your organization’s terminology.
  • Tell your translator if there are words you want to remain in English.
  • Tell your translator about any space restrictions of maximum word counts. French typically takes 20 percent more space than English.

Top French speaking markets

Five tips to work with a French translation expert

  • Make sure to pay on time.
  • Provide all your information up front.
  • Provide feedback if something needs changing.
  • Provide any relevant, propriety research resources in French.
  • Give your translator any lexicon or list of exceptions you may require.

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5 stars – 1 reviews

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