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Hi. My name is David Leonhardt, and this is THGM Writing Services. Our dedicated team of professional writers is ready to write your press release. We’ll deliver the document you need to share your news with Canada and the world.

We have Canadian and American writers on our team, as well as French and Spanish translators. We assign the business writer who best matches your needs.

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Whether your target media are here in Canada, in the United States or on all continents, our ghostwriters will zero in on your message in plain language and in the format the media wants. Here are some of the sectors we’ve written press releases for:

  • travel
  • telecom
  • Internet
  • religious
  • seminars
  • recruiting
  • recreation
  • entertainment
  • financial services

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Five reasons to hire a press release writer

  • Hire a press release writer for proper format.
  • Hire a press release writer to hook the media.
  • Hire a press release writer to get it done right.
  • Hire a press release writer to get it done on time.
  • Hire a press release writer to keep the focus where the media needs it. Help them to help you.

Five reasons to hire our press release writers

  • Our press release writers are talented. They write well, in plain English.
  • Our press release writers treat you, the client, like a king or queen (your choice).
  • Our name is The Happy Guy Marketing. It is our business to make clients like you happy.
  • We write your press release from scratch – it’s all about your message.
  • We listen to your needs, and we are flexible to fill them, because every business is different and each piece of news is different.

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Five reasons to hire a Canadian business writing agency to write your press release

  • You can pay in Canadian dollars.
  • Context is everything, and we know Canada.
  • Like you, we are hard-working and conscientious.
  • We have Canadian writers…but we also have American writers. Take your pick.
  • We write Canadian English for Canadian media, but we can also write US and UK English for world audiences.

Five tips to work with a press release writer

  • Pick a focus, a single message.
  • Choose a spokesperson.
  • Suggest a quote for your spokesperson. We might rework it, but…
  • List the key stats that enhance your message.
  • Provide contact details for when the media wants to follow up.

How to write a press release

Five tips for an effective news release

  • Keep the focus tight.
  • Make sure it really is news. News is about people.
  • Write for the journalist’s needs.
  • Make it easy for the journalist to follow up, because that is the goal of any press release.
  • The goal of the news release is to make the journalist pick up the phone or send you an email.

Five things to tell your press release writer

  • Tell your press release writer what the news is – what just happened.
  • Tell your press release writer who will be effected by this news.
  • Tell your press release writer how this news will change their lives.
  • Tell your press release writer how you want to position your company.
  • Tell your press release writer how this is different than similar news or events in the past. News is newsworthy only when it is different or changes something.

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5 stars – 1 reviews

Five things to include in your media kit

You don’t need a media kit, but it can help. You can include:

  • Photos. Lots of photos.
  • Link to a relevant video online.
  • A quote sheet – not just from your company spokesperson, but from other parties, as well.
  • Biographies of all players.
  • Issue backgrounder.

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