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Hi. My name is David Leonhardt, and this is The Happy Guy Marketing. Our talented marketing team are ready to create your Infographics. We can research, write and design. All three portions are vital for a successful Infographic campaign.

We are powered by a selection of Canadian, American and overseas writers and designers. We put together the right team for your project.

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Infographics precede the Internet. Indeed, we have created infographics for both offline and online use. Here are some things we can convey for you in Infographics :

  • data
  • process
  • overviews
  • comparisons
  • progress reports

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What inforgraphics show people

Five reasons you should use Infographics

  • The Internet is about content. You need visual content for marketing.
  • Visuals catch people’s attention better than text.
  • Infographics give information in bite-sized, easy-to-digest morsels.
  • Infographics convey a lot of information with very little effort.
  • People love to share good infographics.

Five reasons to hire us for your Infographics

  • We’ve prepared many types of Infographics.
  • We are good at promoting your content on social writing the snippets Infographics needed.
  • We keep it simple (very important!).
  • We understand the kind of content that gets shared on social media .
  • We are nimble, bringing the right people together for your project.

Sample Infographics we’ve prepared for online use

Click or tap on each thumbnail to see the full-sized graphic.

Infographic sample

Infographic sample

Infographic sample

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Five reasons to hire a Canadian Infographic service

  • You can pay for your Infographics with Loonies and Toonies.
  • Context is everything. We understand both Canadian and the world.
  • We want to help fellow Canadians like you succeed.
  • We write Canadian English for Canadian audiences. But we also write US and UK English to reach bigger markets.
  • We have Canadian writers and promoters. But we also have Americans and others on our extended team, and we make prudent and strategic use of their services.

Five aspects of Infographics you need to get right

  • The focus – very important to focus on just one key point.
  • The research – you need solid data.
  • The writing – a few words have to say a lot.
  • The design – it has to be pleasing, but also has to convey information.
  • The promotion – if an Infographic is published in the forest and nobody is there to view it….

Five ways we make better Infographics

  • We have focus, and we’ll make sure your Infographic does, too.
  • We keep it simple, which is important so as not to lose readers.
  • We are original, finding new ways to convey information visually.
  • We are truly original, if you wish. We’ll work with you to create original data..
  • We’ll create amazing design. Um…no, not really. But we will create design crafted to grab people’s attention.

Sample Infographics we’ve prepared for offline use

Click or tap on each thumbnail to see the full-sized graphic.

Offline Infographic sample

Offline Infographic sample

Offline Infographic sample

Five things to tell your Infographics writer

  • Tell your Infographics writer what audience you want to reach.
  • Tell your Infographics writer what main focus you want for your Infographic.
  • Tell your Infographics writer what data you have to share.
  • Tell your Infographics writer how you would like the Infographic to look (what style, colors, etc.).
  • Tell your Infographics writer about your image and your branding.

Five tips to work with an Infographic team

  • Pay them promptly.
  • Provide all your data up front.
  • Respond quickly to requests for clarification.
  • Provide any specs required for publishing.
  • Provide feedback if something needs changing.

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The need for a variety of skills is the most common reason people like you ask us to create their Infographics. We have the needed skills, and we can start today. Please send us the form on this page. We’ll give you a free quote right away based on the complexity of your Infographic and the data you provide..

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