The world’s worst marketing letter ever?

Clear communication is critical in every aspect of life. So why would your marketing letter just blow hair in my eyes?

I recently received the email published in the image below. In fact, I received it three times. This is possibly the worst cold email I have ever received – and I have received thousands!

Instead of driving me to take action, the email just blew hair in my eyes.

From a company that is obviously so impressive, you would think they could do better. Let’s take a look at why this email sucks so badly. [Read more…]

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Location marketing – should your building be your logo?

If you have a unique building with a recognizable design, can there be a better logo?

When the National Gallery of Canada’s new home opened in 1988, there was no question that architect Moshe Safdie had created a recognizable centerpiece. At the southeast corner of the building, a towering glass monument rises above everything around, drawing the eye from all corners of the traffic round-about.

It towers above the Great Hall.

In front of the corner tower is a wide space for people to mingle and congregate. On one side is a wide avenue, on the other side a narrow street and a park.

The tower stands out.

That same tower is the museum’s logo. [Read more…]

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How your original research makes great PR and builds your company’s reputation

If you really want to grab the attention of the media, bloggers and influencers, conduct your own original research. Be the source that others quote.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while. Several years ago, I noticed a story on choosing airplane seats. Some people like the back. Some prefer the front. Some like the aisle. Some prefer the window.

The data came from an airline. The clever PR folks at the airline had sifted through bookings and determined the exact percentage of people with various preferences. [Read more…]

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